Moving Again!

So I have just moved house for the first time in my life and was starting to settle in to the new house.  We were then told we will be moving again.  The bathroom was leaking into the spare room and rather than repair it, they would prefer we went to another house.

I was fairly apprehensive as we had been told that this house was in a really good street, and that was really important to me in a new town where I’m not so sure about how safe things are.  Ryan’s supervisor came around and took us to have a look at 3 places we could choose from.

The first house was a winner as soon as I walked in! The kitchen was modern, the bathroom was nice and it had timber floors throughout! I was sold.  It had similar characteristics to our place in Brisbane and felt like home.

The next house was tiled throughout and just down the road from the pub.  Ryan liked this one but I wasn’t keen on the location and the outdoor area wasn’t completely fenced.

The last house was okay but had carpet and I sneeze a lot so I prefer no carpet.  So we moved into the first house!

We were told on Friday we could move into the house.  Lucky for us, our removalist truck arrived on the Sunday so we just had to let them know of our new address! DSCN1954



We woke up again today at around 5.30am.  starting to feel a little more settled every day.  Well that was until we sent Ryan off to work and he went to walk out the gate to find that it was opened.

It seems someone has run through our yard overnight.  I heard the gates banging the night before so I think they have run through two nights in a row now.  It’s a little bit scary but hopefully once Zena is here it will all be ok.

Some of the strange little things hanging around the outside of the house start to make sense now.  There are dog  leads attached to the gates.  I think this is to lock the gates.  There is also mesh on the outdoor patio to the gate.  I think this is so they can’t jump from the rubbish bins to the back yard.

Ryan is getting some more padlocks for us today so we can lock the gate that goes out to the park out the back.  Hopefully tonight it will all be ok.  A little bit scary though as we never really had this probably back in Brisbane even though the town was pretty dodgy.

A new routine

Its Tuesday and Ryan’s second day of work.  We wake up around 5.30am Perth time which is 7.30am Brisbane time.  Feeling quite good about this time frame as it feels like we may be slowly adjusting to the change.  Ryan leaves for work around 6.20am so it’s a good time for us to get up anyway so we can spend some time with him before he goes to work.

I did a load of washing and hung it on the line and it was dry by 10am! Back in Brisbane if I did a load of washing I had to leave it out as long as possible for it to dry and even then sometimes it wasn’t dry.

Hayden had his first try of baby organic porridge today as he doesn’t seem to like my rolled oats but he loves his baby porridge.

We have a TV today and although morning TV is absolute rubbish after Sunrise its much better than silence! I’m looking forward to getting our Foxtel and Internet.

We organised a home phone today too so its nice to know we can contact everyone is Brisbane as much as we like now.

Tomorrow we pick up our puppy Zena from the airport.  I hope she likes it out here and its not too hot for her.  There is a doggy door for her so she can come into the air-conditioned laundry.

Ryan comes home for lunch which is so nice because it is a long day stuck at home with no car although I’m hoping by staying home so much I will be able to get Hayden adjusted to the time difference and in a routine and sleeping a bit better at night.


Hello Newman

The airport is like a tin shed with the conveyor belt underneath it for our luggage.  Its all open.  The dirt is very red.  The weather is warm but comfortable.  Wow, we are here!

We collected our luggage and were met by Jay, Ryan’s new boss.  He was nice, seemed about our age and took us on a tour of the town which I was most grateful for.

I’m excited that the town has a pool and does infant swimming lessons.  Hayden and I love swimming lessons.  Although it was dark the town seems small, but tidy and seems comfortable.

Our first night we spent in the Seasons Hotel.  I had looked this hotel up before we arrived and was hoping our first night would be here because it has a pool.  So if we don’t get to move into our new house today then I will go for a swim later.  Ryan’s company are putting us up in the hotel so they can finish cleaning our house.

Our first day here Ryan has to go to work.

There is about a 2 hour time difference from back in Brisbane.  So we were up at about 3.30am with Hayden but exhausted from our long day and rough night sleep (I’m not sure Hayden and I really slept at all)

Newman Airport

Moving City to Country

At the end of January 2014 Ryan came home from work one day and said that someone at work had told him about a job in Newman in Western Australia in the mines earning decent money for decent conditions.  Ryan dismissed it as if it was something we would never consider.  I said to him “why not”.  Once he realised I was serious he applied for the job straight away.

We live north of Brisbane.  I have lived there my whole life, in the same house! Ryan was originally from Townsville.  Anyway, we think its time for a change 🙂

I wasn’t really convinced it would all actually happen.  Ryan however, knew that he had the job from a couple of days after he had applied.

When Ryan got the job it was all still a little bit surreal.  But then came the day we had to leave.  It was all very real that day! We left home on Sunday 16 March 2014.


From lawyer living coastal to mum living country